Frequently Asked Questions

When & how will I be able to access the event?

The event platform is open now, with full schedules, list of speakers, etc. About 30 minutes after you've purchased a ticket, you'll receive an email with simple instructions how to activate your account. Watch out for emails from [email protected] 
You can also visit the event site directly at, do note however that you'll still need to activate your account in order to watch sessions.

If you forget your password, simply visit and  request a "magic link", sent via email to get you right back in. 

Will the sessions be available on-demand?

All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing to registered attendees. They will be published within a week after the event has ended, and will be available for six months.

Select Live Q&A segments will also be made available on-demand. 

How do I ask questions? 

During each session, there's two ways to engage: 

  1. Questions - if you have a question for the speaker(s), please enter them here. Our staff will relay questions to the speaker's live Q&A.
  2. Chat - use this area for casual commentary, focused on the content. Please do not use this area for technical questions or issues, instead visit our support page. 
Are there networking features?

We are focusing on content and speaker Q&A during our inaugural 2021 event. The platform has features to connect with other attendees, you may use those at your own discretion. Note that your profile is hidden by default, if you wish to take advantage of connections, you need to make your profile public. We do not provide support for this feature at this time.

What is the Green Room Live?

The Green Room Live offers Q&A sessions with many of our speakers. It will also feature panel discussions, product demos, sponsor messages, and more.

Data Privacy - how is my data processed?

Your data is safe with us, no contact details are shared with sponsors or anyone else. You may still decide to share info using the platform's networking features, but it is all your decision. 

Can I get a refund?

We regret that you are no longer able to make it to the live part of the event. Since the content will be made available to registered attendees for on-demand viewing, we do not offer refunds. 

Do I have access to all sessions?

If you purchased the ticket, you have access to all sessions. If you received a ticket as part of a giveaway, or otherwise free; your access may be limited to one specific track or one specific day. 

I am having technical issues

For registration and other event related questions, please visit our Help Desk, available on the home page of the event. 
For technical issues, make sure to go through the following checklist before you submit an inquiry:

  1. Check your internet connection and computer first. Most issues with streaming videos are due to temporary local issues and are not related to the event. When the content is available on-demand, many issues you may have experienced during the live stream, will disappear. 
  2. Use a modern device/browser. This event works best if you use the Chrome or Safari browser, and note that Internet explorer is not supported.
  3. Disconnect from corporate or other VPNs. If you are on a corporate network, this may interfere with the video stream. If you are unable to do so, consider using another device, such as a smartphone.

Note that most technical issues are outside our control, and if they are occurring for all attendees, our event engineers are likely already working on the issue. Please do not use the chat and Q&A areas to convey technical issues. 
What is Swapcard? 

Swapcard is the event platform The Great Grow Along "runs on". You may encounter the name if you request technical support or receive email communication.